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Trillium Trails Wedding

Due to COVID, like many couples, this wedding was rescheduled and rescheduled. This wedding took place in two parts, one a more private ceremony and reception at the couple’s home and a second when Ontario was in stage three at Trillium Trails. We loved being part of so many special events in this couple’s life (babies, weddings, and engagement shoots.)  

Manitouwabing Lake Wedding

This was the rainiest day of the summer! What started out as an outdoor dock wedding turned into a cozy but wet, cottage wedding with lots of canopies and umbrellas. This couple was amazing, by the end of their couple’s shoot they were so wet the only option was to get 100% soaked by going into the lake with her wedding dress on and his suit. The pictures were totally worth it!

Norfolk Wedding

We decided to group together this wedding and engagement shoot as they only took place a week apart. We drove two hours west to Norfold County to a little town that had the cutest farmhouse which was where the wedding took place. The family worked tirelessly on making their property perfect for a little micro wedding with only 25 family members. Quintessential COVID wedding! Scroll to the bottom to see shots from the engagement shoot.

Brantview Events

Wow, 2020 has been crazy! Almost all of our weddings have been rescheduled for 2021 and beyond. We had two micro weddings and a couple of engagement shoots, besides that it’s been a slow one. One of our couples that decided to continue with their wedding was Amanda and Sabrina. They had an intimate wedding at Brantview Events Pavillion on the Brantview Apple Orchard. It was such a lovely day and everyone was so kind, it’s the perfect place for […]

Calamus Winery Wedding

Amy and Tristan are super into Halloween (hell they met on Halloween) so they got married to the closest weekend and had a fall/Halloween-inspired wedding. The bride even wore skeleton stockings and vampire fangs. Calamus Winery in Jordon, ON is amazing! Not only is it nestled on a vineyard, it has a big barn, fermenting room, and a cute little wine tasting room, it has the best food we’ve ever had at a wedding. It was amazing! If you’re looking […]

Winter City Hall Elopement

We met Jenni & Ben through friends who we had taken family and newborn photos for. They hired us through email, didn’t even get to meet the couple before the elopement. It was a very cold day so we worked as fast as we could before their ceremony to get a couple of photos. The wedding went off without a hitch, we love quaint elopements at city hall just as much as large weddings at big venues.

The Vue Wedding

  Right near the airport on a quote street sits the Vue, it’s a great venue on a golf course in the heart of Etobicoke. The golf course lends to some beautiful photo locations.    

Early Fall Toronto Island Engagement Shoot

We had a great trip to the Toronto Island with these two. There are so many special nooks and crannies on the island to take pictures. The flowers are always done so nicely by city staff. It’s a great location at anytime of the year.

Old Mill Wedding

These two ladies kept their engagement shoot and their wedding all in their hood. They did their beautiful engagement shoot with their little baby boy and got married on the hottest day of the summer! Old Mill was the backdrop for for this wedding, this location is such a great venue for a wedding. The food is good, the gardens are great and the old charm is amazing.

Destination Wedding to Egypt

We got to go on a wonderful adventure to Egypt to photograph our friends wedding in Alexandria. Saying we were going so far we decided to make it into a week long trip visiting Cairo, Giza, Luxor and Alexandria. Noelle & Gigo got married in the beautiful Palestine Hotel in Montaza Palace. It was a crazy day, the President decided to go to the palace the same day as the wedding which made for late start with the day. We […]