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Category : Technical

Epson 4000: Back to life

This is a bit more of a technical posting than I normally write, but the results I saw from this printer were worth all the effort. Hopefully this can help someone else out there get back to the joy of physical prints. I know I’m happy about getting back into controlling my print process, and providing more controlled and better quality prints as a result!

Fuji X100 Experience

I recently picked up the Fuji X100. It’s a type of camera that I’ve been waiting for someone to develop in an affordable package. Fuji has done a great job at delivering amazing image quality with this, and has thrown in some other interesting technology as well. After a few days of shooting I just wanted to share my experiences with it. This is not a comprehensive review by any means, but just a few of my thoughts. More pictures […]

Nikon Video Rig

I’ve been meaning to develop some ideas in video content (part of the reason for the purchase of my D300), and have recently built a rig to make the more cinematic approaches possible. Most of the problems I’ve had are with predictable camera moves and changes while shooting. So I’ve decided to solve those problems (and some others) by building a rig that has the following:– follow focus system– matte box with barn doors– rail system to support these– and […]

Cheaper Solutions

There are unique tools we need (or want) to use in photography, but often times these tools amount to a larger than expected withdrawal from our credit cards. In the spirit of sharing on the internet, I’m hoping to share some of the products and DIY projects I have found to help me get around some of the more “official” solutions. I am not claiming that any of these are better in manufactured quality, versatility or otherwise, but these are […]

Macro Flash Bracket

Due to some requests I have posted more info on my macro flash bracket. It was built in an afternoon with spare photographic parts and aluminum from the garage and works better than I had hoped. it was built due to the need for variable lighting effects close to the subject and needed to fulfill the following requirements: – adjustment with one hand – not only be sturdy but add stability to the whole assembly – work in both landscape […]