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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Enuka Okuma & Joe Gasparik Wedding Posters

A little while ago I was asked to recreate famous movie posters for a themed wedding at the Capitol Events theatre in Toronto. The hall is an old and beautifully converted movie theatre and these posters would be the first glimpse into the beautiful reception inside. Congratulations to Enuka Okuma and Joe Gasparik on a wonderful day. It was a lot of fun creating these posters so click through below to see larger versions and the originals from which these […]

Reed Holland Show

While not a normal entry in my SnapBlog, I thought I’d post a quick video anyways. I’ve been working on few motion image projects and this is likely the first of several things of this nature I’ll be sharing. This was just a casual capture of a set by Reed Holland at the Hard Rock Cafe that I happened to stumble across. I thought I’d edit together a quick cut of some of the shots as a creative thanks for […]