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Monthly Archives: August 2011

‘In Montreal’ Video

After my trip to Montreal (that I posted about below), I realized I had actually spent a lot more time than I expected shooting motion. It was a really great experience and Montreal is now one of my favourite places. I put together a quick 3 minute edit of the trip that plays out four different excursions during my time there. Among other places, the video highlights the trip to Old Montreal, the Biodome, the view from the Olympic tower, […]

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Mont Royal in Quebec

I’m just in Montreal for a few days and am trying to create some images everyday while visiting the beautiful sights here. I’m also exploring some new techniques and collecting some video content along the way. Today was a trip up Mont Royal near sunset. It turned out to be a really great night (despite the heavy rain during the day while waiting for a tasty Montreal smoked meat sandwich at the famous Schwartz’s Deli) and a great way to […]

Enuka Okuma & Joe Gasparik wedding details

Just wanted to post a few detail images I shot for Enuka Okuma and Joe Gasparik’s wedding. These were made easy by the beautiful work on their part on creating these classy and creative elements. They really stylistically tied the whole event together for those lucky enough to attend. These will appear in a few upcoming wedding magazine publications along with the work of the talented wedding day photographer Donat Barbe. products project

I’ve recently been working with Catalyst Design in creating short spots for, a company that provides weekly deals on promotional business ware. The video posted above is just a test reel of the footage I shot and lit from the day. I’m involved as the Director of Photography on the small crew of people creating the funny and quirky videos developed and produced by Catalyst Design. These short shoot days have been a lot of fun; combining the talents […]