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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Herbal Soaps

Just shot some new images for Goodies Gourmet Soaps of a new naturally scented soap line. Almost edible and contain actual bits of the ingredients sitting in front of them!

Swan Night Light

I imagine I’ll be posting a lot of images from the Fuji X100 over the next little bit. This is just one example of the advantage of just having a camera with you and capturing chance scenes. The quality of this camera was also a big advantage here and is not something I could have captured with my traditional SnapBlog camera, the iPhone.

Fuji X100 Experience

I recently picked up the Fuji X100. It’s a type of camera that I’ve been waiting for someone to develop in an affordable package. Fuji has done a great job at delivering amazing image quality with this, and has thrown in some other interesting technology as well. After a few days of shooting I just wanted to share my experiences with it. This is not a comprehensive review by any means, but just a few of my thoughts. More pictures […]