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Category : Motion

Whisky River Live Video and Charity

I haven’t been up on posting much of my recent motion work, but definitely wanted to post this video to help what these guys are up to. Whisky River are entering the CBC searchlight competition and will donate all of their winnings to their local school music program. A great cause that I definitely think is worth supporting. I’ve been doing more and more of these live performance captures and wanted to get this one out especially quickly. This one […]

Whisky River Band Video

It has been a busy month and I’ve been working on all sorts of fun projects, including this live performance video I made for Whisky River a little while ago. They’re local Ontario band with a great vibe and great set of musical influences coming together. This song titled Don’t Let This Line Stop Rollin’ was performed live with audio and video captured in a character outdoor setting. More motion and still work to come from the last month, but I thought […]

RecordBreaker Album

I was recently asked to create album artwork for the latest album by RecordBreaker, a band from Toronto, Canada. Clicking on the image above will reveal a brief animation showcasing the details of the image. We started with some sketches and concepts based on their music, history and symbolic nature of the bands third album. This is the main image from our shoot and we’re all very happy with the unique and character look we managed to achieve. The album […]

GWN Dragonboat Challenge

Here’s a little event trailer I did for the GWN Dragonboat Challenge after spending the day shooting some of the event last week. It’s a very short but dramatic segment that shows some of the intensity and really great sportsmanship of the day.

Logo Animation

This is an animation I made for Herbal Infusions, a great tea shop in downtown Toronto. It’s intended to be a video bumper for the companies upcoming videoblog and is based on the logo design by the talented Kevin Matheson. Click on the image above to see the 10-second bumper.

‘In Montreal’ Video

After my trip to Montreal (that I posted about below), I realized I had actually spent a lot more time than I expected shooting motion. It was a really great experience and Montreal is now one of my favourite places. I put together a quick 3 minute edit of the trip that plays out four different excursions during my time there. Among other places, the video highlights the trip to Old Montreal, the Biodome, the view from the Olympic tower, […] products project

I’ve recently been working with Catalyst Design in creating short spots for, a company that provides weekly deals on promotional business ware. The video posted above is just a test reel of the footage I shot and lit from the day. I’m involved as the Director of Photography on the small crew of people creating the funny and quirky videos developed and produced by Catalyst Design. These short shoot days have been a lot of fun; combining the talents […]

Reed Holland Show

While not a normal entry in my SnapBlog, I thought I’d post a quick video anyways. I’ve been working on few motion image projects and this is likely the first of several things of this nature I’ll be sharing. This was just a casual capture of a set by Reed Holland at the Hard Rock Cafe that I happened to stumble across. I thought I’d edit together a quick cut of some of the shots as a creative thanks for […]

North Sky

This is the first test for a series of time lapse projects I’m in the process of developing. Currently, I’m working on building the motion control system that will be required to achieve some of the ideas I have in mind. It’s a simple test, but I’m really excited about the next stages.

Pavlova Video

I did a quick one-light baking tutorial shoot a little while ago and thought I’d mention that it was just posted by Cupcakes and Sundry. It can be found here on youtube. Turned out to be a great day of shooting and editing. It’s not a very stylized look but it was a great way to put some new camera rig designs of mine to the test. Not to mention a tasty end product!