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Toronto Between Shores

I was out scouting a bunch of locations for upcoming shoots today and came across the city of Toronto framed in a beautiful way. Haven’t posted to the SnapBlog in a while so I thought I’d start doing that a bit more.  

Florida Window View

I’ve been on christmas vacation for a little while staying with family in Florida. While the weather has mostly been nice, we’ve also seen a lot of wet weather here. I’d look out my window every morning to see what we’d be doing that day: would we be going for a bike ride down the beach, would we have to stay inside and do the obligatory holiday shopping, or would it be windy enough to go kiteboarding. And as is […]

Meeting the fog

This was taken on one of the most wonderful foggy days I have ever experienced while in Florida. Most people seemed to have cleared off the beaches and were awaiting worse weather indoors. Weather that never came. Those who did decide to venture out however were treated to a serene ambiance that doesn’t happen all too often. I love going out in weather like this and for once it lingered for quite a while. Long enough that I was able […]

The Tiger Drum by Kit Dynamo

Kit Dynamo, a local custom drum company just made a new snare for Toronto drummer Jesse Labovitz of Ride the Tiger. I was asked to shoot a quick series of images of this beautiful piece for the ongoing catalogue of work done by Jon Fedorsen at Kit Dynamo. More work from him to come here as we’re planning an upcoming shoot of a few of his recent full kits.

‘In Montreal’ Video

After my trip to Montreal (that I posted about below), I realized I had actually spent a lot more time than I expected shooting motion. It was a really great experience and Montreal is now one of my favourite places. I put together a quick 3 minute edit of the trip that plays out four different excursions during my time there. Among other places, the video highlights the trip to Old Montreal, the Biodome, the view from the Olympic tower, […]

Mont Royal in Quebec

I’m just in Montreal for a few days and am trying to create some images everyday while visiting the beautiful sights here. I’m also exploring some new techniques and collecting some video content along the way. Today was a trip up Mont Royal near sunset. It turned out to be a really great night (despite the heavy rain during the day while waiting for a tasty Montreal smoked meat sandwich at the famous Schwartz’s Deli) and a great way to […] products project

I’ve recently been working with Catalyst Design in creating short spots for, a company that provides weekly deals on promotional business ware. The video posted above is just a test reel of the footage I shot and lit from the day. I’m involved as the Director of Photography on the small crew of people creating the funny and quirky videos developed and produced by Catalyst Design. These short shoot days have been a lot of fun; combining the talents […]

Reed Holland Show

While not a normal entry in my SnapBlog, I thought I’d post a quick video anyways. I’ve been working on few motion image projects and this is likely the first of several things of this nature I’ll be sharing. This was just a casual capture of a set by Reed Holland at the Hard Rock Cafe that I happened to stumble across. I thought I’d edit together a quick cut of some of the shots as a creative thanks for […]

Swan Night Light

I imagine I’ll be posting a lot of images from the Fuji X100 over the next little bit. This is just one example of the advantage of just having a camera with you and capturing chance scenes. The quality of this camera was also a big advantage here and is not something I could have captured with my traditional SnapBlog camera, the iPhone.