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Brantview Events

Wow, 2020 has been crazy! Almost all of our weddings have been rescheduled for 2021 and beyond. We had two micro weddings and a couple of engagement shoots, besides that it’s been a slow one. One of our couples that decided to continue with their wedding was Amanda and Sabrina. They had an intimate wedding at Brantview Events Pavillion on the Brantview Apple Orchard. It was such a lovely day and everyone was so kind, it’s the perfect place for […]

Baby Session with Landon

We had such a great time taking photos of baby Landon. It was so much to see the family again as we did the photos of their first baby Brooklyn a couple of years ago.

Parry Sound Family Shoot – Year 4

We have had the honour of capturing this beautiful family now for four years. We have seen the two babies grow into boys who love to play with their Star Wars lego. Here are some photos from our latest session with the Hatherley family. We love these guys so much; doesn’t help they’re family. 🙂

Baby Elara

We were so excited to go shoot our friend’s newborn Elara (which is one of Jupiter’s moons). She was a little fussy but a doll at the same time.

Newborn Shoot – Brooklyn

Nothing like being able to shoot a friend’s newborn baby! We got to shoot my best friend’s little brother’s bundle of joy. 

Beetle LOVE – Featured on The Wedding Co.

Yesterday we had the good fortune to be featured on The Wedding Co. blog. Thanks to Catherine for sharing our VW Beetle engagement shoot. We hope you like the photos as much as we enjoyed shooting with this wonderful couple.

Awake Austin

A little while ago I was introduced to little Austin and got to spend a few hours with the whole family. During one part of the day I managed to capture a moment and expression that has become one of my favourite newborn images. This is a short post, but I hope you enjoy the image too.

Little Newborn Rowan

Last week I spent a very lovely afternoon with this sweet little newborn named Rowan. I thought I’d share a few of the images from the location shoot I did at the couples home here in Toronto. Little Rowan was an absolute joy to spend the day with. In between all the calm sleeping, we had all sorts of conversations about the world she was now part of…strangely enough, that just made her sleepy again 😉 It was nice to […]

Different Views

I just recently finished a project shooting the beautiful stained glass windows for Morningside High Park Presbyterian Church in Toronto for their “Stained Glass Sundays” concept. This was an interesting challenge for various reasons. Made even more challenging by the fact that I wanted to present each of their 10 windows in a different way. I know I’ve often mentioned the benefits of practicing the common concept of going out to shoot the same subject in as many ways as […]

Kit Dynamo: Gold!

Just finished a shoot for local Toronto based custom drum manufacturer Kit Dynamo. We’ve worked together before but shooting these amazing hand crafted drums is always a pleasure. It’s great to be inspired by another artisan’s work and to photograph something a little different and aesthetically exciting. Especially when each kit is so drastically different and beautiful in various ways. This one had some unique gold hardware and a super glossy stained finish. We also shot some other custom pieces […]