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Monthly Archives: June 2013

2nd Floor Events Weddings

Earlier this week 2nd Floor Events in Toronto put on a great event showcasing the versatility of their venue. They had three beautiful displays showcasing not only their own creativity, but also featured amazing work by There was also a fantastic spread of food provided by Daniel et Daniel, Toben Food by Design and Presidential Gourmet. I tried to personally make sure there were as few leftovers as possible by the end of the night 😉 I was there […]

Little Newborn Rowan

Last week I spent a very lovely afternoon with this sweet little newborn named Rowan. I thought I’d share a few of the images from the location shoot I did at the couples home here in Toronto. Little Rowan was an absolute joy to spend the day with. In between all the calm sleeping, we had all sorts of conversations about the world she was now part of…strangely enough, that just made her sleepy again 😉 It was nice to […]