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Tag : Persian

Why Not Wear it Twice?

These two wanted an extra photoshoot in their wedding attire. You spend so much on your wedding dress (& suit), why not wear it twice? We had such a great time photographing their engagement shoot and wedding, and they love getting pictures taken so much Bahar and Mohammad decided to do one more session in their wedding clothing. A lot of people get frightened by the rain but not these guys; the rain sometimes brings out the most beautiful colours […]

King City Engagement Shoot

  Oh the bugs! This engagement shoot started off with a couple bug bites and ended off with a beautiful sunset. We met Bahar and Mohammad at a very inclosed park with a big warning…Lyme positive ticks in this location. Awesome! Luckily the only bugs that were interested in us were the deer flies… We then moved on to a beautiful field that took a little hiking to get to and ended it off in a beautiful field of alfalfa […]