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The Manor King City Wedding

These guys are jokers! At the engagement shoot Amanda just wouldn’t stop laughing, which we found to be one of her most endearing qualities. Amanda and Mike got married at The Manor by, it was a great venue with excellent photo spots. Even though it was a cold day, they get through it, with just a couple of numb body parts. Sometimes the cold and rain can give way to beautiful images.  

Kings Riding Wedding

  These guys were just too much! At their engagement shoot we knew we had met a very energetic and funny couple. Their wedding was just as amazing as the engagement shoot. Everything about this wedding was stunning. From the bride, to her ladies to the locations for the photos. They even had a first dance on the golf green with fireworks. We had so many laughs with the whole group and wish them the absolute best!

King City Engagement Shoot

  Oh the bugs! This engagement shoot started off with a couple bug bites and ended off with a beautiful sunset. We met Bahar and Mohammad at a very inclosed park with a big warning…Lyme positive ticks in this location. Awesome! Luckily the only bugs that were interested in us were the deer flies… We then moved on to a beautiful field that took a little hiking to get to and ended it off in a beautiful field of alfalfa […]