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Belfountain Engagement Shoot

It’s always fun to an engagement shoot at a location that means something to you as well as the couple. Steph grew up in Belfountain and was friends with the groom from high school. The Belfountain Conservation Area is a great place for an engagement shoot because it has so many different areas for different looks. When we were there it was very busy as it was a beautiful fall day.

Marie Curtis Engagement Shoot!

We love using locations that mean something to the couple. Each couple has a unique story and using places that have a story or a special meaning make engagement shoots that much more special. Step and Andrea live near this park and take daily walks there, it was the perfect place for their engagement shoot. We also took a late night visit at the park right down the road from them to take a night time shot of the city.

Humber Engagement

A cute Fall engagement shoot in High Park and on the Toronto lakeshore.  

Winter High Park Engagement

High Park in the winter. It’s just as beautiful as in the summer. It was pretty much empty when we took these beautiful engagement photos for Olena and Don. They love the winter and we’re getting married in the fall so we felt this was perfect for them. Although it was a little cold, the weather held out and some beautiful pictures came out of it.

Rattlesnake Point Engagement

These guys were getting married in Mexico but wanted an engagement shoot to reflect their home. As I mentioned in a few posts back about choosing an engagement location that means something to the couple. This couple did exactly that. This park is located right on the top of Rattlesnake Point in Milton. They had one of their first dates there, the perfect place for a fall engagement shoot.

Bercyz Park Engagement

Cameron is an actor from Australia; a comedic actor which made being serious and taking photos hard as we were all laughing so much! We had such a great time taking photos of him and Tania in the area where they met and got engaged. It’s very common for couples to want to get their engagement photos done where they met and/or where they got engaged. We love this idea as it has meaning and when people connect to their […]

Lakeshore Engagement

We’ve known Lisa for a long time due to mutual friends. When she asked us to be her photographer for her an Etai’s wedding we were super happy. Lisa likes to have fun and loves her city. She wanted a location where we could capture that. Having a picture with the city was a must! Our favourite vantage point of the city is just west of Toronto where you can see the CN Tower and Rogers Centre (I mean the […]

Summer Lakeshore Engagement

It was great photographing this couple. They weren’t 100% sure where they wanted to shoot their engagement photos as they liked the city as well as a natural surrounding so we suggested one of our favourite places that we know would be a great fit. We had a great evening with an awesome sunset. Things ran a little late into the evening and we got the shot above as our last photo of the night. They used these photos in […]

David A. Balfour Park Engagement

This engagement shoot ended up being a little more adventurous than planned. With a teacup Pomeranian in tow we defended into the valley at David A. Balfour Park in the Rosedale area to take photos of Dana and Steven. These guys told us that they loved the outdoors but were unsure of where to go. We picked a great location near their home to explore and we think we got some great photos out of it!

Starry Sky Engagement

Kelly and Alex got engaged under the stars and wanted their engagement shoot to reflect that. We created a shoot around that, exploring the wilderness and ended under a starry sky.