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SnapBlog. Maybe I invented a new term, but I think it’s the most appropriate way of classifying what it is I’m trying to do under that category.

I spend a lot of time, thought and energy developing my photographic images. Most of my work that falls under the term of “photographic” is done with a specific goal and technical fidelity in mind. However, I also just love shooting things as I come across them! This can be a very different mental process and can yield some new and unexpected results. A lot of these will be shot on my iPhone since that is the camera I always have with me. And anytime these “snaps” yield some interesting results, they will be posted under the “SnapBlog” category. I’m hoping that this will evolve into an interesting subset of my work and will grow into it’s own gallery collection in the future. In the mean time…it’ll be nice to have a place to share my “snaps”.

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