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On Prince Edward Island

A few days ago I arrived in PEI to shoot a beautiful wedding for Mike and Ali. I’ve decided to turn the trip out here into a bit of a vacation for myself since I’ve never actually been out to the east coast. I have to save it’s incredibly beautiful out here and I completely understand why they have chosen to get married here. Not only is the Island beautiful but the drive out here was great too. It was really great to see some of the “postcard scenes” while driving through New Brunswick. Such as the colourful wood homes sitting on rocks perched on the edge of waters at the heart of a fishing town.

While on a walk down the beach here in PEI I was treated to some really amazing sunsets. Made all the more striking against the red shores of the Island. So I though I’d just share a few of these stills here. I’ve also been working on some motion time lapses of the area and will hopefully share those at some point soon too. Looking forward to the wedding for now though!

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