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Kit Dynamo: Gold!

Drumkit by Toronto based Kit Dynamo.

Just finished a shoot for local Toronto based custom drum manufacturer Kit Dynamo. We’ve worked together before but shooting these amazing hand crafted drums is always a pleasure. It’s great to be inspired by another artisan’s work and to photograph something a little different and aesthetically exciting. Especially when each kit is so drastically different and beautiful in various ways. This one had some unique gold hardware and a super glossy stained finish. We also shot some other custom pieces that were made for local Toronto drummers; like a one of a kind 10″ wood hooped snare that had a very natural matte wood finish (a brand new design from the company). All interesting textures and shapes to photograph for the Kit Dynamo catalogue. Click through for a few more pictures or visit their site. Great work Jon!




Gold Snare Drum Stand

Gold Snare Drum

Deep 10" Snare


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