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Florida Window View

Florida Window 1

I’ve been on christmas vacation for a little while staying with family in Florida. While the weather has mostly been nice, we’ve also seen a lot of wet weather here. I’d look out my window every morning to see what we’d be doing that day: would we be going for a bike ride down the beach, would we have to stay inside and do the obligatory holiday shopping, or would it be windy enough to go kiteboarding. And as is often the case during these few weeks that we come down, the cooler temperatures bring heavy dew. So I thought it’d be a fun exercise to shoot the various beautiful patterns that showed up on that balcony window every morning.

I also always find it a good exercise to explore a theme and see how many ways you can see the same subject. Here are just a few of them, including a timelapse of the same subject. I have a soft spot for textures in nature, and seeing these textures evolve over time is an interesting extension of this exercise. Click through below to see more.

Florida Window 4Florida Window 3Florida Window 2Florida Window 5

[youtube width=”500″ height=”281″ video_id=”_MxTT2OKmVE”]


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