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Enuka Okuma & Joe Gasparik Wedding Posters

A little while ago I was asked to recreate famous movie posters for a themed wedding at the Capitol Events theatre in Toronto. The hall is an old and beautifully converted movie theatre and these posters would be the first glimpse into the beautiful reception inside. Congratulations to Enuka Okuma and Joe Gasparik on a wonderful day. It was a lot of fun creating these posters so click through below to see larger versions and the originals from which these were modelled.

Below you can find the slightly larger images of the movie posters next to the originals that inspired them. The modelling wasn’t a problem thanks to the talent and experience of Enuka Okuma (who can currently be seen on ABC’s Rookie Blue). She also went through the laborious process of finding all the great wardrobe pieces. I don’t know where she found those boots, but they look like they were taken directly from Julia Roberts!

The rest of the shoot process was one of stylistically matching the look, colours and lighting of the various inspirations. That was an enjoyable challenge due to the very different time periods in which these movies were released. There was definitely a very different approach in each one which also extended into the graphic design that finished off the posters. I took the liberty of incorporating some humorous references for the couple in the credits and it was a riot to see these as huge prints on display in front of the vintage Capitol Events theatre.

Congratulations again to Enuka Okuma and Joe Gasparik on a perfect day!

Pretty Actress (inspired by Pretty Woman)

Pretty Actress PrettyOrig

When Joe Met Enuka… (inspired by When Harry Met Sally…)

Met MetOrig

Last Tango in Toronto (inspired by Last Tango in Paris)

Tango TangoOrig

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