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Charge of the Light Brigade

I just finished a shoot for the band “Charge of the Light Brigade”. It’s definitely a character image but came together nicely; just in time for their new album release. Follow through the link below to find out a little more about this one.

Just to give everyone an idea of the planning involved in some of the “simplest” shoots, I thought I’d post the following sketch to illustrate how much I like to set a roadmap for my images. This was my quick concept drawing for the band that not only gave them a visual representation of the meeting we had regarding concepts, but also allows me to accurately plan the lighting, staging, tone, etc. of all the elements. In this case it was especially important since we were working in very tight quarters and had to work very close to the walls of the space.

The day of the shoot should be about capturing the characters and is akin to a performance. I like to leave as little to chance as possible to make sure as much attention can be focused on that as necessary. Of course, there are always moments that something in the space inspires a change, but again preparation allows me to be open to that.
The last picture is just a snapshot of the setup just before lights were really put into place. Spacing was critical here so the scene was set up quite accurately first while also trying to leave options so I can sneak lights and modifiers around the talent.

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